In Amsterdam. Fall is beautiful on the barge. Staying on the houseboat Trijntje on the Prinsengracht. Breakfast at the Village 🥯 on the corner. ☕️ is espresso again!

Need to be careful with the bikes and vespæ all around. Rain on the canal, need to carry umbrella!

Bar at the hotel Europa near Rembrantplein I saw from Uber and then returned walking back, have to stop by for a drink before closing time.

Red light district as lively as ever with tourists, despite redistributing all over town. City lights everywhere, no lack of electricity here.

Dental 365, a late night dentistry where they do an X-ray and a test for €66.

Trains going back to the Centraal.

The magic of the night canals, wet streets, fall leaves. Fast bikes with the cargo bin.